Route Optimization

We have integrated Route Optimization right into the Delivery program of your Touch Control system. Simply sign up for this new feature and we will activate your subscription. With a click of a button we will analyze your route and re-sort it into the most optimized order possible.

Optimize Your Routes In Seconds!

Sed ut perspiciatis

We know what a hassle it is planning the perfect route for your drivers, not to mention how much time it takes. It can change from day to day and quite frankly, who has the time and personnel to handle this.

Well, Now You Don’t Have To

A route that is not Optimized wastes time and money. How much fuel could you save if your driver took the most efficient route to each stop every day? How much time could be saved if you no longer had to manually figure out what stop number a new route customer should have?
What if you could do this without your drivers help. Wouldn’t that be liberating!